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    The Lowdown on Dark Spots

    The Lowdown on Dark Spots

    Got areas on your skin that are darker than the skin around them, especially on your face, shoulders, arms and hands? Many of us do, and the longer we live, the more likely we are to have them. In fact, "age spots" is another term for dark spots, along with liver spots.


    Wait, Are You Talking About Freckles?

    Nope! Freckles often fade if you stay out of the sun, and you're more likely to have them in your youth or through your genetics. But dark spots can be the same size as freckles, or be as large as 1/2" across.


    What Causes Dark Spots?

    Sun exposure makes your skin attempt to protect itself from damage. It does this by producing more melanin, the pigment that gives skin (and hair and eyes) color. Dark spots are also called "hyperpigmentation," meaning an excess of pigment a.k.a. color.
    Over time, high concentrations of melanin in an area can result in dark spots. People who have light skin and/or a history of sun exposure, including serious sunburns may be more likely to develop dark spots.

    Are There Other Kinds of Dark Spots?
    Yes, other than the dark spots caused by sun exposure, there's melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. Read more about them here.

    Preventing Dark Spots
    There are so many reasons to limit sun exposure and preventing dark spots is just one of them! Always wear sunscreen. Apply it generous and reapply it as needed. If you're outdoors, wear a hat with a large brim and wear clothing that covers your arms and legs.

    Schedule a Visit with a Dermatologist
    Though dark spots aren't harmful, it's a wise health practice to have your skin examined by a doctor every year. And if you notice any dark spots that have turned black, gotten bigger, changed shape, have unusual color combinations or are bleeding, don't wait for your next skin check: get an appointment right away.


    Improving the Look of Dark Spots

    Choose skincare that targets dark spots. AllWell Beauty products are clinically proven to get results. And some of them happen to help with the look of dark spots:

    Daily Glow AOX Serum

  • 87% of participants in an independent clinical study showed improvements in the look of dark spots after using the serum 2x daily for 8 weeks
  • Vitamin C reduces several routes of skin discoloration
  • Vitamin E helps prevent inflammation caused by UV light
  • Niacinamide can prevent the transfer of melanin pigments to the top layer of the skin

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    Before and after using the Daily Glow AOX Serum

    Illuminating 360° Eye Cream

    • 81% of participants in an independent clinical study noticed a reduction in the look of hyperpigmentation around the eyes after using the eye cream 2x daily for 4 weeks
    • Like our serum, it contains niacinamide, which helps prevent new dark spots, and bisabolol, which is clinically proven to decrease melanin-related skin pigmentation caused by excessive UV exposure

    Botanical Radiance Face + Body Mask

    • Made to be used anywhere on the body
    • Formulated with inflammation-warding safflower oil, lavender oil, and clary sage oil
    • 75% of participants in an independent clinical study experienced a visible improvement of hyperpigmentation when using the mask 3x weekly for 8 weeks