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    All About Acer Rubrum

    AllWell Beauty Mask and Moisturizer

    Acer Rubrum Extract is a powerful, upcycled ingredient you'll find in many of our products. You'll love the natural glow that this hero ingredient helps bring out. It also promotes mild exfoliation and absorbs excess oil. Let's dive deeper!

    But What's an Acer Rubrum, Anyway?

    The term may be unfamiliar but "acer rubrum" describes something that's common in many places: the red maple tree. Acer Rubrum Extract is made from plant material from this tree.


    Red maple trees

    Our Red Maple is Green

    Sustainable, that is. The red maple we source is FSC® certified. These materials are left over from production of lumber and come from forests in upstate New York where red maple trees are grown and harvested according to sustainable forestry practices.

    How We Make It

    Plantrose® Technology is the name for the process we use to get Acer Rubrum Extract from wood chips. It uses just water, heat and pressure to upcycle the waste materials to the hero ingredient you'll find in our skincare products! 


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