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    The Ultimate Guide to Face & Body Masking for Glowing Skin

    AllWell Beauty
    girls applying Allwell face and body skincare mask

    Who doesn’t love a good mask?

    Some masks deeply cleanse the skin so they are best used at the end of the day to get rid of dirt and grime.

    Some other masks, including our  Botanical Radiance Face + Body Mask have nourishing and rejuvenating properties that are best paired with a good night’s sleep.

    Have the best prepped skin:

    The best time to apply any sort of mask is with a clean blank slate.

    Start by removing all makeup, gently washing your face to remove all residue and exfoliate if you have time.

    This will remove any excess dead skin so the masks can penetrate the face and soak into your pores for the best results.

    Know Your Face Mask Options

    Using face masks for your skin regularly (we recommend 3 times per week) has a variety of benefits, depending on the kind of face mask that you use.

    There are a ton of choices to choose from so we are breaking down the top 4 most popular types of at home face masks:

    #1 - Sheet masks

    Are easy-to-use face masks. They are individually packed face-fitting sheets soaked in serum that can be used almost anywhere. With regular use, the skin becomes softer, smoother, and brighter.

    These are best for dry or combination skin and generally provide a lot of hydration to the face.

    #2 - Clay/Charcoal masks

    Although Clay and Charcoal masks seem very similar in consistency, texture and color.. They actually vary in a lot of different ways.

    Clay facial masks have been on the market historically a lot longer than charcoal masks. Bentonite clay’s ultimate purpose is to remove toxins and excess oil on the skin!

    Other than clay, there are 3 commonly found ingredients in most offerings;

    1. Retinol used to get rid of dead skin cells and dirt clogging pores
    2. Salicylic acid is actively used to deep clean pores and remove excess dirt
    3. Hyaluronic acid helps moisturizers the skin post mask removal to prevent dryness of the skin

    All 3 of these active ingredients work in cohesion together with the clay to detoxify skin and smooth the overall complexion of the skin.

    Charcoal masks are similar but work on the skin in different ways.

    There are many types of charcoal masks — wash off, peel offs (removers), and gel masks. The scientific basis for the use of charcoal as a detoxifier is that  activated charcoal works to bind with and remove things from your skin.

    Charcoal masks are best for treating target areas and getting rid of blackheads on the nose and chin!

    Depending on what your goals are and skin type- choose which mask meets your goals. If you are looking for an overall oil remove and a brighter complexion, clay is the way to go. If you are seeking to get rid of stubborn blackheads, invest in a good active charcoal ingredient!

    #3 - Peel off masks

    These can be greatly beneficial to people with problem or acne prone skin. Many peel off masks include some sort of exfoliation which is good for helping get rid of acne and refining large pores. Some can be used on the entire face while there are also problem area (such as your t-zone) specific mask products. The AllWell Botanical Radiance Face + Body Mask is an example of a peel off mask.

    #4 - DIY Masks

    With Do-It-Yourself masks, you can easily whip up a face mask from ingredients found in your kitchen and slather it on your face. It’s also a popular option for people who want to go natural in their skincare practices.

    But then the important question comes up: Are homemade face masks good for you?

    The biggest drawback of DIY masks is that these Pinterest recipes are not FDA tested and approved.

    Although the individual ingredients have some studies that link them to certain health benefits, the combination of these ingredients does not.

    Evidence that these recipes are effective have been anecdotal claims so far. There’s no body of scientific research that prove their efficacy. Worse, you may end up damaging your skin by using irritating ingredients or combination of ingredients. 

    Another drawback of DIY face masks is that they almost always make tall promises on what they can do for skin. “Fight signs of aging”, “fade scars and acne spots”, “wake up your skin”—these are mostly unfounded claims.

    Truth is, the benefits of food ingredients like banana, milk, and egg yolk are best reaped by eating them because only a small portion of their nutrients can be absorbed by the skin.

    For safe and effective masking, it’s best to use commercial face masks that are formulated by knowledgeable and experienced scientists.

    Some of them even have clinical trials to prove their efficacy and benefits.

    Why you should also be using masks on your body

    Our face often gets the most attention from us - the best skincare products, treatments, and a lot TLC.

    Having a smooth, youthfully and radiant face is must, BUT our arms, chest, and legs don’t need to be neglected!   

    Are you experiencing any of these skin issues?

    • Some parts of your body are oilier than others.
    • You have dry (itchy) skin patches 
    • You have body and back acne.
    • Your skin feels dry and rough.
    • Your skin looks dull and unhealthy.
    • You have mature or starting-to-mature skin.

    If you answered yes to any of these, these are beginning signs that you need to pay attention to your body’s skin ASAP.

    Washing, exfoliating, moisturizing, and UV protection are the basics of good skin care.

    To address and treat any of the skin issues mentioned above, adding a special intensive care treatment to your routine like body masks will help improve your skin dramatically- and were NOT just talking about your face

    Body masks can give a variety of skin benefits including deep cleansing the body, drawing out impurities, balancing the skin, and delivering key nutrients and antioxidants that promote healing and prevent premature skin aging.

    Our Botanical Radiance Face + Body Mask delivers instant results! After just one use, skin is transformed to a softer, smoother and firmer state.