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    Botanical Radiance Mask Tips & Tricks

    Woman using AllWell Beauty's Botanical Radiance Mask

    AllWell Beauty's Botanical Radiance Face + Body Mask is packed with powerful plant based ingredients that boost your skin’s natural radiance by exfoliating, refining and firming for glowing skin. You'll love the results!

    Here are some suggestions for getting the most out of this great product:

    Make Some Time for Yourself

    The Botanical Radiance Face + Body Mask works best while you rest. Apply an even layer to cleansed skin, going a little thicker if you want to maximize the firming effect. Now, go sit or lie still for about 20 minutes or until the mask is completely dry. The less you move, the better. Relax, unwind and just take a break while the mask does the work.

    Rinse or Roll

    For mask removal, you have a choice: wet hands or dry hands. You can rinse with warm water, moving your hands in circles over your skin until the mask is completely gone. Or skip the water at first—roll or rubb the mask away with dry hands before rinsing any residue. 

    Botanical Radiance Mask applied to model's chest

    Don't Forget The Rest of Your Skin

    Your face may be the first place you think to apply your mask but our Botanical Radiance Face + Body Mask works great anywhere you want some radiance and refinement. Arms, legs, décolletage, it's all going to glow! Got dry hands or feet? Massage a generous amount of the mask for a minute or two, totally covering the skin. When the mask feels tack, stop rubbing and allow it to dry before removing. Also fun: try the hand or foot treatment with a partner.

    Finish Strong

    After you use our Botanical Radiance Face + Body Mask, your skin will feel smooth, refined and look fantastic. Continue on with the rest of your skincare routine: your favorite serumeye cream, moisturizer, and sunscreen in the daytime for best results. 

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